Who We are

Who We are

Abdali Medical Center is a 200 bed multi-specialty hospital. Its mission is to provide the highest quality patient-centered care; and promote research, education and a culture of excellence in the Middle East. The hospital is currently under construction, planning to start operations in 2019.

Located in Amman, one of the best medical tourism destinations in the Middle East, Abdali Medical Center offers highly specialized medical services under one roof. Our goal is to improve the health of our patients by providing inclusive and high standards of medical care to prevent, diagnose, manage and treat health problems, diseases or disorders.

The center will be dedicated to delivering advanced healthcare services. It will combine international medical best practices with industry-leading technology and innovation.

Abdali Medical Center will promote medical research, education and a culture of excellence in the MENA region. At the core of the center’s operations is an uncompromising adherence to integrity and compassion. At Abdali Medical Center, exceptional healthcare is about more than cutting edge facilities and advanced technologies: it’s about integrity, quality, compassion, collaboration and accountability, our core values.

Abdali Medical Center is founded by the investment group behind the Clemenceau Medical Center in Beirut, and benefits from the knowledge, insight and expertise of the Middle East’s finest medical professionals.