A Unique Facility in the Heart of the Capital

A Unique Facility in the Heart of the Capital

Strategically located in the vibrant heart of Amman’s newly developed downtown district of Abdali, Abdali Medical Center has been designed to reflect the latest international advancements in medical technology, operating systems and design concepts, all with an emphasis on effective, private and comfortable patient care.

Spread across 35 floors, Abdali Medical Center has been carefully designed by some of the world’s leading architects, with intuitive, functional considerations for patient inflow and outflow, staff circulation and the segregation of inpatient and outpatient traffic.

With its beautiful, modern design, Abdali Medical Center provides patients with a tranquil setting for embracing health, wellness and recovery. The hospital is located on 5,500 square meters in Abdali, the new downtown of Amman. It has a built-up area of c. 75,000 square meters, and features the following layout:

        Nine floors of general medical and surgical facilities with 200 beds

        Three floors for specialty centers

        17 floors for general outpatient clinics

        Three administrative floors

        Two floors of dedicated conference and training activities

        Underground parking, with a total of 720 parking spaces

        Landscaping with  greenery features, further contributing to the comfort and wellbeing of the hospital’s

          patients and caregivers

The hospital is located in the modern development of Abdali, with easy access to the amenities of the Boulevard, Abdali Mall and nearby hotels.